Benchmarking & Financial Planning

Strategic Tools and Proven Systems for Profitability

Plastic Surgeons and Med Spa Owners

  • You’re ready to grow your revenue and increase your profits!
  • You need a realistic strategy that you’ll actually use!
  • You’re dying to know what the real numbers are for other practices like yours!

But maybe you don’t know your numbers, not exactly. Running reports, analyzing results, creating strategies, and systems are time-consuming. You don’t have enough hours in the day to learn a new program, let alone implement it! The idea of growth is exciting, but the process feels daunting. Is it even worth it?


I’ve been where you’re at.

Not only do I understand numbers and strategy, as a former medical spa owner who invested her own money, I totally get what the day-to-day of running a business is like.
I remember trying to learn complicated systems that looked great on paper but were too tedious to use on a consistent basis!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve also experienced first hand, the power of seamless benchmarking and financial planning. You did not enter this business to play small. After helping over 250 practices per year and selling $18M+ on behalf of our clients in 2017, the PGC team delivers consistent growth strategies and tactics that you’ll actually use!

By knowing your numbers, investments, bottom line, and the financial benchmarks of the competition, you become empowered. Reach new financial heights with our step-by-step systems and processes that WON’T make your head hurt!

Let’s do it!

You need:
  • Project Monthly Sales Goals
  • Marketing Assessments & Strategy
  • Industry Expense Percentages
You want:
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Small time investments with big results
  • Tangible solutions you’ll actually use on your own

Get where you want to be by knowing where you are!

I’m not suggesting anything that I won’t take the time to do myself. Through decades of failures and successes, my team and I have put together proven systems and strategies to help you see where you’re at, set exciting goals, and reach them. The numbers don’t lie and our in-depth processes will make projections and keep you on track to reach calculated goals.

Because we’ve been where you’re at, here are 3 OPTIONS for you to uplevel your financial growth based on your needs TODAY!

An introductory video training with robust basics to lay out a solid foundation for any size practice.

Financial Benchmarking Video Training

A solid foundation for business owners of any size, you’ll learn the robust basics of benchmarking and financial planning. We dive into The Big 3: finance, marketing, and operations – because no matter what your financial headaches are, it always comes down to these areas.

Like a diamond, this video training lasts forever! View it again and again for quick refreshers or new staff training. Includes downloadable PDFs to guide you along.

Only $49!

Let’s do it!

This Financial Analysis and Benchmarking course is an in-depth, step-by-step video training!

Financial Analysis & Benchmarking Course

We’ll tackle:

  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Excel-based Analysis Tools
  • Revenue Weekly Calculator Tool
  • Analyze Current Marketing ROI
  • Project Monthly Sales Goals
  • Marketing Assessment and Strategy Tool
  • Industry Expense Percentages

And because time is your most coveted resource, it’s self-paced so you can uplevel in between running a business! Only $499!

BONUS: We’re also including 2 FREE Strategy Sessions with one of our expert advisors, a $500 value!

Let the training begin!

Bring in one of our experts – onsite or virtually – and they’ll do all the work for you!

Concierge White Glove Program

For those ready for a complete, in-house makeover, this customized experience delivers one of our financial experts to your doorstep. She’ll come into your business, meet the staff, and do all the dirty work for you. You’ll not only have new systems and processes in place, but you and your staff will be trained on how to keep the ball rolling with ease. Virtual options available!

For details and next steps, schedule a strategy session with one of our financial analysis professionals!

Send me an expert!


Schedule a Free Strategy Session with a PGC Advisor!