Grow Your Practice’s Revenue By 30% in 90 Days (or Less) with Projected Growth Consulting.

With our PROVEN systems, we have helped hundreds of practices become Top Producers in their industry by reaching more clients, converting more sales, and training internal staff through our on-site consulting and our online training.

Growing your practice has never been simpler! Let us help you improve your practice’s revenue through on-site events, social media marketing, sales/profit planning, and more!

Our team consists of top industry professionals who understand every challenge you are currently facing in your practice. We know because we’ve been where you are, and we’ve developed proven strategies, tactics, and training that work to help your practice become wildly successful.

Our services and training have been used by hundreds of practice owners to massively grow their practices, making them top producers in their industry!

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Create A High – Volume Retail Practice To Increase Profit And Patient Retention

Want returning clients? Make sure they buy something on their way out. Research shows that the amount of retail products sold to a client during a visit impacts the likeliness of that client returning.  If done correctly, retail sales can be a ...Continue Reading

Profit Killer #4 – Not Tracking Key Metrics, Expenses & Benchmarks.

Build a healthier business by tracking your key expenses to identify problem areas and improve your net profit It’s simple, right? If you spend less money than you make, your business will stay afloat. But if you want it to ...Continue Reading

Profit Killer #3 – A Low Conversion Website

Create a website that sells: Worry less about looks and more about converting visits on your site into patient leads.  Don’t get me wrong: A website does need to look good. But it has to be efficient as well. As an owner of ...Continue Reading


Kelly Smith – CEO

Amazing Leadership & Strategic Vision

Kelly Smith has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, day spa owner, Medical Spa CFO, and business consultant, national speaker and currently the Founder & CFO of Projected Growth Consulting, her second 7 figure company!

Kelly and her team are industry professionals who understand every challenge facing Med Spas and Plastic Surgeon practices helping over 500 practices per year.

A typical new PGC account experiences 15-30% growth in revenue within their first quarter of collaboration. The average PGC on site event sells $62,000 with a 76% closing ratio. This nationally proven event program has sold over $18M for their clients in 2018 alone.

PGC offers 1 Hour Plans and Solutions to their consulting clients and now bring them to you in a step by step guide book to solve the most common profitability challenges in the Medical Elective Industry.

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