3 Recommended Website Areas to Review Quarterly

At Projected Growth Consulting, we always recommend that our clients set time aside quarterly to review their website. This helps to ensure that all information is current and accurate which will lead to a much better experience for clients.

What are the key areas we recommend reviewing on your website?

1) Website Links

Spend a few minutes navigating the website as a client would and check that all social media links, contact us links and services links all work correctly. Occasionally the information on your website will change, and in the shuffle a broken link might remain on your website. A quarterly check will ensure that everything is as it should be.

2) Mobile Optimization

Review your website on your mobile device! This is a MUST. Even better have a few different people in the office check on their various devices such as an iPhone, iPad, and Android based devices. A large majority of your website traffic will come from mobile viewers. A non-mobile-optimized website can result in an immediate turn off to the potential client. Check for formatting inconsistencies, and picture and video optimization (meaning that the entire video is visible on the device and not just partially).

3) Reviews

Patient reviews are phenomenal for adding to your website and social media pages. If you aren’t yet, we highly recommend that you begin soliciting for positive feedback from your patients to help sell your practice online. We also recommend that you set aside time each quarter to review feedback patients are leaving on their own to social media platforms, Google and Yelp. Your practice reputation is important! Take that time to appreciate and respond to any positive feedback, and also to respond and remedy any potential negative feedback. This can help you maintain better control of your brand reputation.




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