3 Roles Your Front Desk Team Must Do To Maximize Your Med Spa Sales

You can spend thousands of marketing dollars each month bringing fresh leads to your practice. However, if your front desk team is not successfully converting those new leads into consultations or booked appointments, the number of leads you generate is virtually meaningless. This is why proper front desk sales training is critical to help raise your conversions and grow your med spa sales. 

There are several strategies your front desk team must do to maximize your business’s revenue potential. In this article, you’ll learn the 3 roles your front desk team needs to play in your sales funnel to increase your med spa sales. 

1. Build Intrigue In Your Services 

When a potential customer reaches out to your practice, your front desk team needs to effectively transition that initial spark of interest the lead has into genuine intrigue and desire to book an appointment. You can have plenty of new leads reach out to your practice; however, if your front desk team cannot build upon that initial interest a lead has, you’ll miss out on successfully converting the lead. 

Understanding the sales funnel process, and how your front desk sales team fits into the sales funnel is important. The sales funnel begins when a potential patient realizes they have a problem that needs to be solved. For example, say someone is self-conscious about their acne scars, they may look for a treatment that can help them reduce the appearance of those acne scars. 

That individual will then search for solutions to their problem. This is often done through researching practices in their area that offer the services that best address their aesthetic concerns. This is when a potential customer will explore your website, and contact your practice.

This is where your front desk team comes in! Your front desk team’s role is to exude a sense of warmth and professionalism so they can convert a lead’s initial interest into a booked appointment or consultation. 

Below are some front desk sales questions your team can ask to build intrigue and guide the conversation:

  • What are your aesthetic concerns?
  • What treatments are you interested in?
  • What results are you looking to achieve?
  • Have you tried other similar treatments in the past?

These questions help you better understand what the lead is looking for so you can guide them to ultimately book a consultation/appointment. 

2. Book Consultations and Appointments

Next, your front desk sales team must successfully convert interested leads into booked consultations or appointments. Again, you can have plenty of leads contacting your practice. But, if your front desk team is not successfully converting those leads into booked consultations/ appointments, then it doesn’t matter how many leads contact your practice. 

Therefore, your front desk’s ability to move customers from initial interest to scheduling a consultation is the next critical step in the sales funnel. As discussed previously, your front desk team must display warmth, professionalism, and genuine confidence that your practice can help the customer effectively treat their aesthetic concerns. This is done by asking the right questions to guide the lead to make a decision and want to book a consultation.

Once your front desk team has successfully converted a lead into a booked consultation or appointment, your team must continue to nurture these customer relationships. This is important for two reasons. First, you want to turn this new lead into a long-term, recurring customer. You also want to try and upsell and cross-sell them with additional products and services your practice offers to maximize your med spa sales.

3. Build Customer Loyalty 

Your team’s front desk sales role doesn’t end after they’ve successfully booked a lead’s initial consultation or appointment. Your front desk must continue to build customer loyalty and nurture customer relationships. 

During your front desk sales training, you must emphasize the value of building customer loyalty. There are several ways your front desk team should continue to nurture customer relationships to build customer loyalty and your practice’s revenue, including:

  • Cross-Selling: Offering related products and services to existing customers. 
  • Upselling: Encouraging the customer to purchase a higher-end version of a service (i.e. upgrading/ adding additional service features).
  • Celebrating Patient Results: Complimenting a patient’s results after their appointment. 
  • Answering Questions & Promotions: Asking if the customer has any questions or concerns and informing them of any ongoing promotions. 
  • Other Administrative Tasks: Scheduling next appointments and processing payments.

Your front desk team’s goal after they get a new lead to book a consultation is to build rapport and retain the lead. In other words, turning a new lead into a long-term client that keeps coming back to your practice. This is because long-term, recurring clients can yield significant revenue growth for your practice over time. 

For example, Botox treatments may not necessarily yield the most revenue for your practice after a single treatment. However, if a client keeps coming back to your practice every few months for follow-up treatments, over time this can translate to consistent, recurring revenue for your business.

Plus, as mentioned above, cross-selling and upselling current customers are more effective strategies your front desk team should be using to raise your practice’s revenue. For example, if a client comes in for a facial, your front desk team can try to cross-sell the patient by recommending certain skincare products to help preserve the patient’s treatment results. 

Ready to Level Up Your Business?

Providing proper sales training for your front desk team on how to book leads, nurture long-term customer relationships, and maximize revenue through cross-selling and upselling can significantly boost your med spa sales. You can have all the leads in the world; however, if your front desk team isn’t successfully converting those leads into booked consultations, then the quantity of your leads doesn’t matter.
Want to learn more front desk conversion strategies to take your business to the next level? Book a free strategy call with one of our PGC experts today to start leveling up your business.

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