Facebook Boost vs Promote – 1 Clear Winner

You’ve spent time, creative energy and effort not to mention marketing dollars on creating Facebook posts with engaging content.   You’re seeing likes and comments as a result, now what? 

Boost versus Promote –   Both have their place but which of the two is going to reach people who will ACTUALLY engage and ultimately become a client?  Well…for our marketing dollars, we believe that Promoting a post is where you’re going to see the greatest reach and ROI.

One of the keys to social media and online advertising is to be highly targeted.  You will actually spend less money when you are being target focused in your posts and ads.  Targeted ads are effective ads just as Targeted Posts on Facebook are effective and engaging to your targeted audience.  Why spend your marketing dollars on people who don’t live near your practice, aren’t in a demographic that supports interest in your services and generally aren’t going to care what content you are generating.

The second key to Facebook success is going to require that you budget for spending some money each month to increase your reach.  According to Facebook, a non-promoted or non-boosted post will now reach only 3-5% of your fans.  That’s right…just 3-5%!  Doing the math means that if you have 1,000 Likes on your Facebook Page, only 30-50 of them are going to see your Facebook posts.  When you Boost a post your ability to Target your posts and ads is limited and you are limited in your source options to EITHER ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ OR ‘People you choose through targeting’.  You cannot choose both thus limiting the reach of both your Facebook content and the return on your social media marketing dollars.

For a similar monetary investment you can Promote your post that will allow you many more targeting options than Boosting.  In addition to targeting a specific area, age range, gender and interests, etc…, you can target many more specific demographic criteria as seen in the image below.

Additionally, you can target people who Like other pages…as in your competitors’ pages, networked partner pages, product manufacturer and product review pages!  You also will still be able to target your current likes and this is critical as these are your BEST LEADS.  You’ve already captured them, they’re engaged on some level and now you can target them even more specifically when Promoting Posts.  Bottom Line – You’re spending money on people you WANT as clients not casting a line and hoping to catch whatever comes your way.  That’s makes the Facebook Promote option the clear winner in our book!

We’d love to help you navigate your way through the powerful, yet sometimes intimidating business marketing tool that is Social Media.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Social Media Marketing Package and additional services available with Projected Growth Consulting™.

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