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Graphic Subscription Program


Marketing Materials for Aesthetic Technology Delivered to Your Inbox

We hear you! Time is a precious commodity at the practice level and we want to do everything we can to help you focus on what matters to you. That is why we have created a graphic subscription based program where we design graphics and marketing materials related to your technology and deliver that material to you each month for distribution. Our goal is to save you a tremendous amount of time and energy creating content each month. Who is this program for? Anyone in the elective medical industry looking for marketing materials for aesthetic technology.


Graphic Subscription Bundle from Projected Growth Consulting

How does the program work?


STEP 1: Choose the bundle below that best fits your individual practice needs as far as marketing materials for aesthetic technology and select that option when you enroll in the program.



STEP 2: After enrollment, we will send you a virtual request form to complete each month.
On this form you will identify the content you’d like to use from our design catalogs which you will receive access to in the course materials.
TIP: Bookmark the electronic request form so that you can resubmit each month that you are enrolled in the program.


Projected Growth Consulting Graphic Subscription Program Delivering Marketing Materials for Aesthetic


STEP 3: After we receive your monthly request our team will send you the marketing materials you selected on your request form.


It’s that easy! Our team of designers and marketing professionals are constantly adding new marketing materials for aesthetic technologies to the design libraries to ensure that you always have access to fresh designs and updated information on the hottest technologies in the market.


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