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How To Plan, Organize, And Quickly Create Social Media Content

We developed this formula and process specifically for aesthetic medical practices such as plastic surgeons, medical spas, dermatologists, ...
Blog 2

How To Gain Massive Attention On Social Media For Your Medical Spa

This method works on any aesthetic medical practice, including plastic surgeons, medical spas, dermatologists, and more. Use this ...
Blog 3

Profit Killer #7: Undefined Consultation Structure & Protocol

A defined consultation structure will raise your patient closing ratios and provide more consistent results for your practice. ...
Blog 4

Profit Killer #6: Inability to Convert Expensive Leads

Most practice owners believe more leads would solve their financial challenges. Although this is sometimes true, more often ...
Blog 5

Profit Killer #5: Not Knowing Your Key Performance Indicators And Marketing ROI

To make the changes needed for your profit to grow, you have to know how your business currently ...
Blog 6

Create A High – Volume Retail Practice To Increase Profit And Patient Retention

Want returning clients? Make sure they buy something on their way out. Research shows that the amount of retail ...
Blog 7

Profit Killer #4 – Not Tracking Key Metrics, Expenses & Benchmarks.

Build a healthier business by tracking your key expenses to identify problem areas and improve your net profit ...
Blog 8

Profit Killer #3 – A Low Conversion Website

Create a website that sells: Worry less about looks and more about converting visits on your site into patient leads.  ...
Blog 9

Profit Killer #2 – Lack Of Written Annual Marketing Plan (AMP)

Create Your Annual Marketing Plan in One Hour to Increase Your Profit and Revenue  The most impactful strategy ...
Blog 10

Profit Killer #1 – No Clear and Measurable Financial Plan

How To Set Clear Monthly Sales Goals With Team Buy-in  If you feel uncomfortable with the financial analysis side of ...

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