How To Plan, Organize, And Quickly Create Social Media Content

We developed this formula and process specifically for aesthetic medical practices such as plastic surgeons, medical spas, dermatologists, and other medical clinics.

The PGC™5 Framework For Social Media Content

What if I told you all our social media success follows the same five-step framework? By success, I mean this is the same framework we use to increase sales revenues by $100,000, even during a pandemic. 

In this blog, we will share that exact framework with you to provide you the tools to plan, create and organize your social media content efficiently. 

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How To Post Consistently Without Hiring A Full-Time Designer Or Social Media Manager

The PGC™5 empowers you to crush your social media content strategy effectively and efficiently. If you have been following us, then you know that posting consistently is crucial for growing your social media platforms, which means posting at least five times per week per platform. 

The PGC™5 solves the problem of coming up with all the content you need to post without hiring a full-time designer or manager to run your social media platforms. We think you’ll find that the PGC™5 will quickly become the cornerstone of your social media content strategy.

The PGC™5 Framework Explained 

Developing a great content strategy is crucial to running a successful social media campaign for your business. If you are like most spa owners or spa managers, you are probably asking, “what is a content strategy, and why is it so important?” 

Content strategy forms the foundation upon which you can build your social media page. To create this foundation, you need to define your purpose clearly. 

Our purpose should be to develop connections in the aesthetic industry, provide professional value, build credibility, foster trust, and educate potential patients about the treatment options available to them. 

Your goals should include increasing your followers on Facebook and Instagram, building a trusting relationship with followers by educating them so that they will come to you when they are ready to purchase. 

The good news is that the PGC™5 has all of that covered! 

Let’ break down the PGC™5 and how to use the PGC™5 to create your own social media content strategy. 

The PGC™5 includes (you guessed it) five posts per week. The PGC™5 posts consist of:

  • One cross-promotion post
  • One engaging post
  • One giveaway contest post
  • One benefit-driven post
  • One video post

That is it!  As you can see, the PGC™5 covers all the necessary bases for a successful content strategy.

What Are Cross Promotions?

Cross-promotions give clients what they want for free, as a reward for trying something new. It is an effective method of creating exposure for a product or service that might be difficult to sell independently. When creating your cross-promotion, ask yourself ‘which products or services do you want to grow?” or “Which areas are the most profitable?” The answer to these questions will help you select the appropriate products and services you will use in your cross-promotions. We have the most success with value-added promotions that offer savings of approximately 20%. You could promote a gift with a purchase or utilize a product or service that inst’ currently selling well. Be sure to post about your monthly cross-promotion once per week using an eye-catching graphic, a fun photo, or a short video from your office. 

What Are Engagement Posts?

Next, let us move on to the engaging content posts. Engagement is a measure of any action taken on your page or post—for example, a like, a comment, or a share. Receiving engagement on your content (a.k.a. your posts) is a significant key to a successful social media strategy. Social media algorithms reward posts with high engagement by organically showing them to more users. In other words, the more likes and comments your posts get, the more people will see your posts. Engaging content is also designed to provide value and entertainment to your followers, giving them a what’s-in-it-for-me reason to keep following your pages. Remember, social media is about relationship building and mindless entertainment. Including engaging, fun, entertaining posts into your social content strategy will help bring your engagement metrics up, so your sales-oriented content will be seen by more people. 

What does engaging content look like? Consider a humorous quote related to the aesthetic industry. Put your spin on a trending meme or utilize an inspirational quote. Asking a polarizing question, like jeans vs. leggings, or Netflix vs. Hulu, is also sure to spark a few comments (remember comments = engagement. Engagement = more people seeing your posts!) You can also provide value to your followers with these posts by giving them some skincare or beauty tips and tricks. A great example is showing your favorite esthetician with her nightly skincare routine or Dr.’s favorite sunscreen to wear when he’s playing golf or skiing. Be sure to post an engaging post, whether it be a graphic, video, or photo, at least once or twice a week. 

What Are Giveaway Posts?

Next, we have the giveaway contest post. Monthly Facebook and Instagram giveaway contests, by and large, yield the best results in social media marketing. A giveaway contest provides the “what’s-in-it-for-me” that engages followers, so they will comment, like, and share your offers in exchange for a chance to win. This not only increases your engagement, which is crucial when it comes to taking advantage of the social media algorithms (a.k.a. how many people see your post), but it can also provide you with an incredibly valuable list of leads who are interested in the product or service that you are giving away. You can then directly market to them in the future. Post about your giveaway contest of the month once per week with a mix of graphics, photos, and videos for best success. *Pro-tip: ask your vendor partners to support your giveaway content by supplying you with additional products, and make sure to keep up with Facebook and Instagram rules for giveaways.

What Are Benefit Posts?

Now, let us talk about benefit posts. Of course, you want your audience to know about the services, products, and procedures you provide! After all, that is the point of marketing, right?! In addition to the other types of posts we discuss here, some of your posts should highlight your products and services. In addition to advertising your cross-promotion, you want to highlight the results and benefits that your patients will receive from buying these products or services. Again, remember always to consider that followers are asking, “What’s in it for me? Why would I want this service or procedure?” A great example of a benefit post is before and after photos, a patient testimonial, or a short demo of the treatment being performed. In the caption, encourage your followers to call into you for more information, where they can easily be converted from a lead into a consultation. Just like the others in the PGC™5, you should be posting a benefit-oriented post once per week. *Pro-tip: Remember not to get overly technical when explaining how a procedure or product works and focus on the benefits! 

What Are Video Posts?

Last but certainly not least, in the PGC™5 comes video content posts. When it comes to social media, video is king! That is why you must post a video at least once per week. There are multiple reasons why video content is so successful on social media. Unlike a lengthy paragraph, a video is much more easily consumed and digested. Because video tends to have a much higher reach than non-video posts, videos increase your metrics and overall performance. You want your videos to be lengthy enough and intriguing enough to capture your user’s attention but short enough to leave them wanting more. Usually, that’s about 30 seconds or less. You do not need a fancy production team to create these videos. Just a cell phone held horizontally, and maybe even a tripod and a ring light if you want to get fancy. *Pro-tip: To ensure that videos get done, we recommend that you designate one day per month or week as “recording day” and make it known to your staff. This way, everyone knows to be camera-ready that day.


To recap, to utilize the PGC™5: post at least one cross-promotion, one engaging piece of content, one post about your contest of the month, one benefit-oriented post, and one video every week. Be sure to go into your insights and benchmark your starting numbers before implementing this strategy, so you can see what a difference it will make. 

How will you apply this framework to stay consistent with your social media content strategy? 

To learn how our clients attract 50+ patients from organic social media, don’t forget to download our free social media case study.

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