Can Company Culture Affect Company Profits?

Nothing is more important in aesthetic medicine than patient relations. When patients are spending their own money on elective procedures, the experience needs to be a good one, every single time.  Otherwise, you run the risk of them going elsewhere,  and they’ll bring their friends with them. It all begins with your staff.  There is no better testimonial than your staff members standing right in front of a potential patient who is interested in a procedure.

If a company professes, “people are our greatest asset,” it should also be ready to invest in those people in visible ways. This culture starts right within your office.  Staff members should experience your services so they can not only look their best, they’re also going to feel good about these benefits and in turn relaying their first hand experiences.  Sharing anecdotal information with patients, helps with the bonding experience and gives your staff confidence to promote you and your services without pushing.  They are simply sharing their stories and that is what sells. Plus, receiving these benefits will also make your staff feel good about the company they work for.

Can Company Culture Affect Company Profits? 1

You may be wondering, why though? Won’t my employees slack off if they are given too much freedom or free services? The answer is no. A successful company culture leads to a successful business.

  • Productivity increases by as much as 8.2% when employees are happy.
  • The economic benefit of this increased productivity can equal as much as $1,982 per employee per year.
  • “Happier workers, our research found, were 12% more productive.
  • Unhappier workers were 10% less productive.”

Numbers aside, it seems blatantly obvious that most employers would prefer their employees to be not only satisfied, but happy with their job.  “Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20 percent. Additionally, these companies earn 1.2 to 1.7% more than their peers, and are 2.1% above industry benchmarks. Happy workers are also more likely to solve difficult problems faster.”

Your practice is where it is today because you’ve invested time and effort in training your team, selecting your services and providing excellent care. But there’s always room for growth and improvement. We’ve created a diagnostic tool to find out just where your marketing efforts are. Upon completion of this FREE tool,  we will send you individualized tips that will help boost brand recognition and set you above the competition!

Can Company Culture Affect Company Profits? 2



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