8 Weeks to 6-Figures

Can you afford to wait?

You’re tired of investing in equipment and training that’s costing you 5-6 figures and wishing for the best. Taking shots in the dark with events, marketing, and sales techniques that have no real strategy. You hope that word of mouth will spread about your new service and you create competitive prices in your area, but you still secretly wonder, “will people buy this service?”

You’re excited to share this service but how do you get others on board? How do you share that enthusiasm with your staff, patients, and potential new clients who have never stepped into your office?

The truth is, no matter how incredible your services are, if no-one knows about them they can’t be helped.

Hope is not a sales strategy.

It could take months, even years for clients to find you. Can you really afford to wait?

I’m ready to get to 6-Figures in 8 weeks.

I have good news and bad news: You are sitting on a gold mine.

This is bad news because you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

This is good news because well, it’s really, really good.
You’re sitting on a gold mine. All you have to do is tap into it.

You can easily add $200,000 a year to your revenue by doing one sales event per quarter.

With our Turn Key System, it’s simple and consistent!

And with a clear strategy in place, just ONE onsite sales event could explode your business.


You bring in experts who have spent decades in the trenches – putting on their own sales events, not to mention the ones they’ve done for countless other practices. Their systems, strategies, and support are then infused into your event, leaving you with a powerful operating machine.

After that, you can conquer even the loudest excuses rolling around in your head:

  • “We don’t have the experience.”
  • “No one will pay that kind of money in this area.”
  • “My staff isn’t on board.”
  • “I don’t want to be pushy or sound salesy!”

As founder and CEO of Projected Growth Consulting, I have over 18 years experience as a medical spa owner, business owner, med spa CFO, business consultant, and commercial real estate professional. I’ve hand-picked a team of 15 women, many who are former CEOs of their own med spas, to help you put together THE OPTIMAL sales event. Collectively, we have been the owner, the manager, the medical assistant, the consultant, and the patient. This is not a generic process, we’re prepared for those, “I didn’t think of that” moments!

It’s all about the numbers around here, because the numbers don’t lie:

We sold over $18M for our client’s events and hosted over 350 events in 2018 alone.
Our average sales for one event is over $62,000 and we’ve had 20+ events in the past six months surpass $100,000!

Sign up for our 8-week, 6-Figure Sales Event Package and learn why we’re called Projected Growth Consulting.

This is one of our most popular services for good reason. Each week, we guide you from start to finish and beyond, with a powerful post-follow-up strategy. This is one of the most comprehensive programs to a successful sales event out there.

With a minimum goal to book at LEAST 10 cases and a maximum goal of your imagination (at a 2-hour event!), here’s the kind of training and support you’ll receive in our 8-week program:

8 Weeks Out – Pre-planning

This week we’ll identify your fearless leader – the person to head this event. Then, you’ll get laser focused (whether you’re selling a laser or not) and identify the type of event you’re having and what services to put in the spotlight. We’ll establish pricing, location logistics, and designate roles to your staff based on their experience, interest, and abilities.

5 Weeks Out – Marketing Strategies

Get ready to learn the most efficient way to utilize all of your marketing platforms. You’ll discover how to reach a wider audience and how to connect with your existing or previous client base. Our proven marketing strategies and detailed program will secure qualified attendees for your big day.

2 Weeks Out – Boosting an RSVP

Week 8 is like putting a race car into high gear – it’s game ON for your team. We make a powerful push to secure any leads, increase marketing visibility with targeted advertising, and bring a little fun in the office with friendly staff competitions and incentives. With our weekly meetings, we make sure everything is going according to plan.

7 Weeks Out – Event Logistics

This is the event planning week. We’ll set a time and date that’s ideal for both your target clients and your team. We’ll guide you through everything from event pricing to refreshments and make clear goals based on your location. You’ll receive custom graphic designs to promote your upcoming event and learn how to use it with our tested and proven system.

4 Weeks Out – Event Advertising

We’ll develop your advertising strategy (marketing and digital) and provide you with in-depth coaching on everything from the ad design to the paper size. We’ll cover all online, paid, and organic techniques and platforms for social media, your existing patient base, in-office staff invitations, and how to reach out directly to targeted clients for the event.

1 Week Out – Event Week Prep

The event day will be outlined by the minute so you know exactly how to create a seamlessly successful and profitable event. We’ll prepare you for any curveballs that could come your way and provide you with an event schedule that offers an enjoyable flow for your guests and an efficient outcome for your team.

6 Weeks Out – Logistics Deep Dive

This week you’ll receive step-by-step checklists and promotional materials – from event flyers to sales call scripts for your staff. There will be a team meeting where each department provides updates so everyone stays in sync. You’ll also learn ways to create excitement about this event – online and in the office – while handling day-to-day tasks.

3 Weeks Out – Qualifying an RSVP

This week is focused on sharing information with leads. You’ll learn what qualifying questions to ask in a way that feels organic. We facilitate sales and conversion training for your staff, scripts to follow, role-playing exercises, and step-by-step guidance to get the right patients to your event. You’ll quickly see why we average 76% closing ratio at our on-site sales events!

Post-Event Follow Up

The event isn’t over yet, this is a crucial time to make those follow-ups, thank you’s, and secure any sales that needed a 24-hour hold. Because you’re having another event each quarter, you’ll also learn how to build hype and make your recent guests excited to tell their friends about you!

And now for some short & sweet testimonials…

“Can’t think of anything that would have made it better.”
– Dr. Shewmake, Event Gross Sales: $160K, Closing Ratio: 93%

“Excellent delivery of technology highlights. Helped secure multiple patient leads and procedures.
Very friendly, approachable and professional. Overall excellent performance.”

– Dr. Sand, Event Gross Sales: $77,140, Closing Ratio: 92%

“I needed a good launch of the new product and it was delivered with excellence.”
– Dr. Russo, Event Gross Sales: $66,900, Closing Ratio: 91%

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You won’t just “feel” like it’s working. We offer a clear ROI.

In this hands-on process, we step in and become a part of your team. You’ll be able to track your progress and celebrate your wins because there WILL be wins.

And the best part? This training can and should be applied for every event you have after this. These tools will give you a clear strategy for quarterly events – for these same products or new launches. So you’ll not only see a clear ROI, our average sales amount of $62,000 sees a 10X return on your investment! How many programs can you say that about?

It’s so fun to watch your numbers rise, but one of the most rewarding parts is watching the rise of confidence and excitement in the staff. When your employees get the training they need and feel like a part of a team with a clear strategy, the morale goes through the roof. And when they experience the win of a sale, they’ll never be the same. They know what it takes to do it again and again.

So I ask you once more, can you afford to wait any longer?

Let’s do this!

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