What does Social Media have to do with your Business?

We all use it, most of us every day. We see new platforms being created, constantly being updated to have the newest and best features. So what does Social Media have to do with your business?

We’re going to dip our toes into this expansive virtual world and give you a peek at how Social Media can help you! Look at it as an opportunity to start conversations, or keep conversations going regarding exciting things in your practice. Think of it as sharing, not selling.

Which Platforms Work Best?

The top 4 Social Media Platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google+

While having all four is great, we don’t recommend trying to take them all on at once. Start with one and once you have a handle on it, add slowly.

Create Your Strategy Statement

Before you create your content strategy, you should have a strong mission statement in place that includes who you are trying reach, what their needs are, and your business goals.

Your content strategy supports your mission statement, so think of these two working together to provide the structure. It’s your foundation.

Example: Our Content Strategy is to develop connections, provide value and educate people about the aesthetic industry and services of [PRACTICE NAME HERE]

Clearly Identify Your Goals

Here are a few to start with:

  • Increase followers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Build a trusting relationship with followers by educating them so that when they are ready to purchase they come to you.
  • Convert followers into clients by promoting services, treatments and special offers.

If a Facebook fan or Instagram follower is willing to Comment, Share, or Repost your post, they’re willing to shout to the world that this post means something to them. Think of it like a fishing net, and each time we cast that net further we’re able to pull in more fish. When our followers love our content and they’re willing to engage, they’ve just helped us cast that net even further. If you’ve heard the phrase ‘this speaks to me’ then you already know what the goal is. You have to find what moves your audience and motivates them to engage positively with you, thereby increasing your organic reach.

Remember, as you create and execute your social media strategy it will always be fluid and changing. Some ideas will work and others will fail. The key is to stay in the laboratory and keep cooking up recipes for social media success.

Social Media Training Program

We’re so excited to roll out our new social media training program after years of managing social media for our clients. We finally put together a program to teach you how to be successful on your own.  Not only will you get weekly training courses for 12 weeks, you’ll also get a 90-day posting kit of all the graphics that you’ll need to be successful. We’ll cover Facebook, Instagram, written blogs, video blogs, contests, and Facebook advertising. We’re excited to offer this opportunity to help you be more successful with your social media advertising.

Virtual Social Media Training Course from Projected Growth Consulting™
Projected Growth Consulting™ is excited to offer our new Social Media Training Program. This is a 12 week course to share our best tips and trick with you for Social Media in the elective medical industry!

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