Profit Killer #7: Undefined Consultation Structure & Protocol 2

Profit Killer #7: Undefined Consultation Structure & Protocol

A defined consultation structure will raise your patient closing ratios and provide more consistent results for your practice. While closing at a 50% ratio would make your practice successful, how does 75% sound?

Before the Consultation

Preparing for a successful close begins before the physician or consultant even meets the patient – it begins at the first point of contact. Make sure your office staff is trained to set up the consultation in a consistent way, so everyone involved knows what is going to happen.

A good intake form, where patients can list any concerns they may have, will assist you during the consultation.

During the Consultation

A comprehensive in-office consultation takes time. The patient should never feel rushed as you listen to their needs, address any concerns, and gently guide them through the process of deciding on the appropriate treatment. We recommend scheduling at least an hour for each consultation.

The consultation should be about exploring how to help the patient feel better both inside and out. Whoever conducts the process needs to be prepared with practical knowledge and ways to help your client feel relaxed.

Profit Killer #7: Undefined Consultation Structure & Protocol 3

The patient consultant should be present from beginning to end to prevent the patient from feeling like they were handed off from one person to another.

After the Consultation

An established, scripted greeting protocol will transform the conversion ratios at the front desk. Guiding the call well creates a high level of confidence. You want to take customers by the virtual hand and make the experience easy. Consistently use the script so anyone covering the front desk knows what to say.

Once an agreement has been reached, make sure you put the treatment plan and pricing in writing. Have one copy go home with the client, and put a second copy in the patient’s file to stay in the office.

Even someone experienced in the industry can be confused with multiple package options available. A written plan reduces the chance of miscommunication and helps the front desk quote the price accurately if a client calls to purchase their treatment at a later date.

Finally, regardless of the outcome, proper follow up allows you the chance to demonstrate great customer service and a genuine concern for your patients.

A written thank-you note is a rarity these days, which means it will come as a pleasant surprise to your patients. This small, low-cost gesture might create a callback that could end with a successful booking.

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