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We hear it time and time again, a Doctor wants to take their elective procedure business to the next level but is bombarded with so many options and risks on the road to getting there. The first inclination is to spend money to make money, right?! NO.

We advise to take a cautious approach to that. We work with Doctors who thought throwing $10,000+ at a new website would be the answer from the profit gods, or paying thousands per month to a non-industry savvy corporation to manage their SEO or Social Media. The end of the story is always the same… they end up pouring out more than they ever see a return on their investment.

This is due in large part to a lack of tracking and measuring. And even before any of that, a lack of planning and goal setting! We end up with the job of having to break it to them that they didn’t need to spend that much money to make money. Now don’t get us wrong – you do need to make an investment in order to see a return on that investment! But based on your goals and the unique details of your practice and what you have to offer, you should be having a custom created annual plan that allows you to strategically plan and execute as well as measure the results of your financial, marketing and overall business objectives.

We consider it a distinct privilege of working with practices who are looking to take their practice to the next level. No two practices are the same! Let us customize a plan for the unique needs and goals of your practice – take a look at our website and see all that we have to offer and the proven results we’ve created over the last decade.

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Projected Growth Consulting Cancels Participation In Aesthetic Management Partners 2023 Owner Summit

September 20, 2023 Our team at Projected Growth Consulting eagerly anticipated connecting with our beloved community at Aesthetic Management Partners 2023 Owner Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, this year. Unfortunately, we regret to inform our community that we have had to make the difficult decision to withdraw our participation from this event.

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