4 Steps to a Successful Event

Our physicians ask on a regular basis, in conjunction with the six weeks of training that we provide with our event package, is there anything additional that we do to really insure that they have a successful event?  We tell them the same thing every time:

  • It is a special event so have your staff dress and act accordingly, that means all black and no scrubs. Sometimes the staff will give you a little push back on it, but guess what it’s not every day that you ask them to participate in this kind of event and we want the patients to feel that.
  • Make sure that you have qualified leads, quality versus quantity is important for this type of event. So, we don’t want vendors, we don’t want cousins, we don’t want your favorite patient that comes to support you at everything, but isn’t a good candidate for this procedure.  We want you to spend quality time with each and every patient.  We also don’t want your time to be taken up thanking a vendor for providing food.
  • Make sure you have simplified and consistent pricing that your team is clear on. In order to have a successful and robust event you have to have more than one person capable of giving pricing to patients. Make sure that it is printed out and available for everyone.
  • And most importantly make sure that if you want your patients to have a fun evening that you’re having fun as well. They won’t smile unless you are, so put a smile on and get ready to have some fun.

Following these four basic details are what ALL of our successful events have in common.  It’s a tried and true process.  Trust it and success will follow.

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