Live Video – Hot or Not?

There is no doubt about it; video remains King of the content world and live video is hot, hot, HOT!

61% of marketers are planning to use live video in their Social Media efforts according to the 2017 Social Media Examiner’s Industry Report

Why Go Live?

On average viewers are watching live video 3X longer than regular video uploads. Plus your Facebook live video is more likely to be pushed to the top of the newsfeed, which will automatically improve your video’s organic reach. With Facebook Live video your followers can even receive notifications when you go live!

Creating live video content is simple and relatively easy. With social media leaning more and more towards creating a great user experience, live video is fantastic in that it provides a more authentic feel. Your fans want to get to know you and your business without feeling overly sold to in a heavily produced or scripted way. Naturally, live video means it’s okay to be imperfect which coincidentally makes you more relatable to your viewers.

Ready to Try Live but Not Sure Where to Start?

Contests – We love contests for engagement and by announcing a contest in a live video your practice can boost the organic reach on a typical contest post.

AMAs/Q&A with Doctors – Try hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) or a Q&A session live. This is a wonderful way to establish a social relationship with your fans. Pick a topic, procedure or new product to discuss and take questions from your viewers live.

Onsite Event – Are you hosting an Onsite Event with Projected Growth Consulting™? This is another great idea for live video content. Be sure to focus the camera on the speaker and not on the audience to be in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Or if you’d rather not broadcast the actual event try announcing the event in a live video ahead of time and talk about all the great reasons why someone should attend!

Interviews – Your practice is full of amazing people who are experts in your industry and interviewing them can make for great live video. You can ask them about their favorite products or services, favorite success story, and a few ‘get to know you’ questions.

Go Forth and Go Live!

Above all live video is an engagement tool that allows you another option for connecting with your followers. Have fun, get creative and let us know if you need any further help going live.

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