Social Media Editorial Calendar: From Planning to Posting with Ease

Your social media strategy is designed to develop connections, provide value, and educate followers about the aesthetic industry and our services, treatments, procedures, and products. Sounds amazing, right?

Now what do you DO with that strategy? By using a social media calendar for your medical spa business, you can easily plan consistent posts and better engage your followers.

What’s your goal?

You likely have multiple goals for your social media content:

  • Increase followers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Build a trusting relationship with followers through education so when they are ready to purchase, they come to you.
  • Convert followers into clients by promoting services, treatments and special offers.
  • Create an online personality that is representative of your practice.

How you create your editorial calendar is completely your preference. Some choose to have a printable hard copy, others prefer a shared digital editorial calendar. A suitable option for a digital editorial calendar is Google Calendar, or a project-based app like Asana.

When drafting your editorial calendar, keep in mind frequency of posting content. Frequency of posts is a topic with a wide range of variables. However, from our years of experience, results seem to suggest that an optimal frequency for Facebook in the aesthetic industry is 4-5 posts per week. Again, this may vary from practice to practice, but we recommend the 2-4 posts per week as a solid starting point. We will talk more about analyzing your insights and making data driven decisions to determine if you will need to edit your weekly post amount in future blogs.

“I love your posts!”

So how do you create posts to keep your audience engaged? Rule #1: every post has a purpose.

Should all your posts be about your procedures, treatments, and products? Answer: NO!

If you’re constantly asking for the sell (buy this product, buy this treatment, buy this procedure) your audience will tune out. Your page or your profile is your opportunity to personalize the practice to the audience. Display this personality through varied and highly engaging content that keeps the audience coming back for more, building brand loyalty and nurturing relationships that develop into profits when fans are ready to buy.

When creating and scheduling posts, consider the potential engagement to be gained. This is the interest factor in the Facebook algorithm. Engagement in social media is defined as the likes, reactions, comments, and shares by viewers. Engagement is a HUGE part of the algorithm. Maintaining a high engagement rate with your content will improve the overall organic reach.

Consider a content calendar with varied post types. For example, “Friday funnies” are always good for a laugh, which hopefully translates into shares. Posts highlighting staff are a highly effective way to personalize the practice. Give the holidays due diligence by incorporating holiday-themed posts. Of course, you need to also highlight your products, services and procedures through monthly promotions and giveaway contests. Educate followers on what you offer. Watch for future blogs discussing post types in detail.

Want to learn more about social media? Enroll in our Social Media for the Elective Medical Industry course here.

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