How do we make our clients $25,000 or MORE in 3 hours? Events!

What makes a SALES EVENT different from an OPEN HOUSE?  —REVENUE, that’s the difference!

What generates revenue?  –Think QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Here are a few key items to keep in mind:

1) You must look at quality rather than quantity of attendees.  Our ‘rule of thumb number’ is approximately 30 RSVPs.  The rule of thirds (our interpretation) says that one third of those that RSVP likely will not attend.  That leaves you with a solid 20-25 QUALITY RSVPs.

2) Offer a grand prize of significance for those who purchase that night.  Ask yourself what would get you and your friends to spend a night at a similar event AND generate interest in your services?  Create urgency and exclusivity for your guests by letting them know ahead of time the event discounts are only available at the event and a down payment will be required.

3) Narrow the focus to a single technology or body area!  For instance – – “Get Your Body Bikini Ready!  Attend and Learn About Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction!” or a “Look 10 years Younger” event:  “What can lasers, injectables and procedures do for your look?”

4) Features that need to be highlighted: One Grand Prize, Limited Attendees (creates urgency and exclusivity), Consultation in the Round, 1 on 1 Dr. Exams.

5) Thursday, after work hours, is the best day of the week and time to offer an event.  You will want to offer appetizers, beverages and small prizes throughout the event.  This will keep them busy!

6) Advertise in office, online and via e-blasts for the 4 weeks prior to the event.

The Goal: Close 50% of those who attend!  Set a clear goal for sales…if it is a body event the goal would be $40,000 to $50,000.  Take the average sale times 10 to set the goal!

We encourage events for so many reasons: Events generate revenue, generate interest in services and products, engage new and potential clients, AND can re-energize your staff!  Please CLICK HERE to learn more OR email us at: [email protected] for additional details!


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