Social Media Tips for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas: Share, Don’t Sell…but how?

The key to success in social media for your plastic surgery practice or med spa is keeping your audience engaged. But how?

The #1 way to increase social media engagement is by sharing great valuable content, NOT selling.


Not all posts should be about procedures, treatments, and products. If we’re constantly asking for the sale, our audience will tune out. The key is posting highly engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more, allowing you to build brand loyalty and nurture relationships that develop into profits when they’re ready to buy.


How do we construct these type of posts? Here are three examples of posts you can use to engage your audience.

#1: Roll Call Post

Haven’t posted in a while? Need to wake up your audience because no one is commenting? A roll call post encourages a comment, and comments translate into engagement.

Social Media Tips for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas: Share, Don’t Sell...but how? 1

Post Copy Example:

Do you see us? ???? Say ‘Hello’ or give us a shout-out! We are about to shake things up here on our Page. We will be offering EXCLUSIVE Facebook ONLY giveaways & promotions. Hearing from you will ensure you’re seeing the new face of our Page. Don’t miss out!

#2: Question Post

Many of us have opinions about really superficial things and we’re willing to share our thoughts, especially when the timing is perfect. Our best example is one of our most popular posts ever—pumpkin pie vs apple pie. You can imagine in the month of November when we’re all busy searching Pinterest for Thanksgiving recipes and table décor, this pie question hits a real hot-button with the audience. These types of questions are just begging for an answer, and the answer becomes a comment and our reach and engagement begin to rise.

Social Media Tips for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas: Share, Don’t Sell...but how? 2

Post Copy Example:

It’s a pie throw-down, which side of the battle are you on?

#3: Testimonial Posts

Testimonial posts provide social proof by building trust and creating a positive impression on potential customers. People trust their peers, so this patient-generated content is valuable. Draw from your Google reviews, or reviews you receive on post-op paperwork, your website, an email, or even a greeting card.

Social Media Tips for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas: Share, Don’t Sell...but how? 3

Post Copy Example

A Happy Patient: “Dr. (name) did an amazing job! I got my breast augmentation done today and within 4 hours I was up and shopping around, even going out to dinner! Thank you, it feels so good to FINALLY feel like a woman! Dr. (name), you are truly my HERO!!!”

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