How To Gain Massive Attention On Social Media For Your Medical Spa

This method works on any aesthetic medical practice, including plastic surgeons, medical spas, dermatologists, and more. Use this method in your next organic social media campaign!

Are you searching for a foolproof way to gain massive attention on social media for your practice or medical spa? If so, this blog post is for you. As a marketing and consulting company for the elective medical aesthetics industry in two countries, we’ve learned how to attract the most attention on social media for medical spas. 

In this video blog, Kelly Smith, Founder and CEO of Projected Growth Consulting™ shared a few of the key strategies that ensure the content you post on social media “stops the scroll” and gains your potential patients’ attention, trust, and business.

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Social Media Is About Relationships

An effective social media strategy is an essential aspect of successfully marketing medical aesthetic services. One of the things that we know about organic social media content because most audiences don’t want to be sold to…at least not at first. The solution?  Share, don’t sell

Today, we are sharing how to enhance your social media and ensure that you are not growing at the industry average of just 18% a year (or less). Our current and past clients have consistently increased their social media following by 200% per year. That’s 182% more than the industry average!

Share Don’t Sell

So, how do you share your brand’s journey rather than sell, sell, sell? It is easier than it may sound! Here is a list of ideas: 

  • Staff birthdays
  • Throwbacks 
  • Local teams
  • Anybody’s children on your staff that might graduate or go camping or do something fun
  • Short videos of you doing an injectable
  • A patient testimonial
  • Boomerangs of your staff with a favorite product

Social media is a relationship, and people want to get to know you. We love getting to see “behind the curtain.” 

One of my favorite examples is Dr. Pisarski napping with his French Bulldog puppy Bella. His staff and his followers loved seeing that post! Another tip is to make sure you respond to people who comment, share, and like on your social. That will be the key to your success!

What are some of the ways you can share, not sell, on your social media pages? Let us know, and don’t forget to download our free case study below, too!

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