How to Host A High-Converting Social Media Giveaway

It’s no secret that social media can be a powerful tool to grow your business. With millions of daily users and around 76% of social media users having purchased something they saw on social media, these platforms offer significant reach and high returns to help scale your business. Unfortunately, many business owners may see the value of social media, but miss the mark when it comes to actually executing effective social media marketing strategies. 

Hosting a giveaway is one example of a high-converting strategy that can boost your business’s leads and booked appointments. However, just running a social media giveaway without any strategy can lead to wasted time, energy, and money with minimal ROI. That’s why in this article, you’ll learn the exact strategy we use to help our clients host successful social media giveaways that convert.

Why Hosting A Giveaway On Social Media Is Important?

If you have a business that’s active on social media but is not hosting a giveaway to promote your services, you are missing out on an effective opportunity to grow your business. Social media giveaways can work to increase key metrics, such as:

  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • Booked Appointments
  • Email List Subscribers

However, hosting a giveaway without any strategy can be a costly mistake which can lead to wasting lots of consumables and hourly pay with virtually zero return. 

The secret to running an effective social media giveaway is using a landing page! A landing page allows you to capture a lead’s contact information. You can then add each participant’s email address to your email list. 

Even better, a landing page gives you a segmented list of people who you know are interested in a specific service your business offers. For example, if you host a giveaway for a free injectable treatment, you know that the people who participate in your giveaway are already interested in getting injectables themselves. Otherwise, they would not have participated in the giveaway!

4 Tips for Hosting A Giveaway to Increase Your Lead Conversion

Having a landing page is just the beginning when it comes to optimizing your giveaway strategy to help raise your leads and lead conversion. Follow the below tips to maximize your social media giveaway conversions. 

1. Use A Landing Page to Capture Contact Information & Add to Your Email List

As discussed, having a landing page is the first critical step in hosting a social media giveaway. Your landing page should capture key contact information from your lead like their name, phone number, and email address. 

Plus, once your lead fills out the landing page information and submits it, you’ll want to have that information linked to your email list. This way your email list will not only grow, but you’ll be able to have segmented email list campaigns for people interested in specific services your business offers. 

2. Offer A Consolation Prize to Participants Who Didn’t Win the Giveaway

You don’t want to forget about all the participants who signed up for your giveaway but didn’t win. All of those participants serve as leads who are likely interested in receiving that particular treatment, even if they didn’t win the giveaway.

Therefore, be sure to incentivize all the participants who entered your social media giveaway with a consolation prize. For example, a $25 or $50 gift card toward their desired treatment. This way the gift card will further push the participant to use the gift card and make a purchase.

3. Give A Deadline to Use The Consolation Prize to Create Urgency

You’ll also want to set a deadline for when participants can use their consolation prize. Setting a deadline, such as 1 month after receiving a $50 gift card, creates a sense of urgency that the lead needs to act now, or else they’ll miss out on being able to use the gift card.

Remember, the people who entered into your giveaway are already interested in the service you are providing, otherwise, they wouldn’t have participated in the giveaway in the first place! Therefore, having a consolation prize with a deadline further pushes a lead to act and ultimately make a purchase. 

4. Switch Up Your Giveaway to Attract Fresh Leads for Different Treatments

Last but not least, be sure to switch up your giveaway prize each time to ensure you are attracting fresh leads for different treatments your business offers. You don’t want to always offer an injectables giveaway because you may be missing out on an audience that may not be interested in receiving injectables but is interested in other services you offer. For example, if you host an injectables giveaway, consider running a facial treatment giveaway next time.

The more you can switch up your giveaway time after time the better you’ll attract fresh leads who may not have participated in other giveaways you’ve hosted in the past. This way you can increase your number of leads and email subscribers, and create more segmented email list campaigns based on which treatment(s) each lead is most interested in.

Common Giveaway Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Hosting a social media giveaway doesn’t guarantee your giveaway will be a success that generates tons of leads and booked appointments. While not using a landing page is one prime example of a mistake you’ll want to avoid, below are more common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when hosting a giveaway. 

1. Assuming a High-Value Giveaway Prize will Translate to More Profit for Your Business

Don’t assume the higher the value of your giveaway prize, the more profit from your giveaway you’ll make. Often, the value of your giveaway prize does not matter as much as you may think to attract participants to enter your giveaway.

2. Assuming the More Giveaways You Host, the Better

Constantly running giveaways doesn’t necessarily translate to more leads and booked appointments. Consider hosting a giveaway every month to stay engaged with your followers, without going overboard. 

3. Not Following Up with Participants Who Did Not Win Your Giveaway

Never forget about all the participants who entered your giveaway, but didn’t win the prize! These are valuable leads that you know are interested in the treatment they entered to win. Be sure to use a consolation prize to incentivize them to book an appointment with you. 

4. Not Switching Up Your Giveaway Prize 

Remember, you’ll want to switch up your giveaway prize each time you host a giveaway to ensure you are attracting fresh leads who may not have engaged with your giveaway in the past. This way you are not only gaining a new lead and email subscriber, but you are creating more segmented email lists you can then use to nurture the lead (based on their specific treatment of interest) and raise your number of booked appointments. 

Uplevel Your Social Media Strategy Today 

Hosting a social media giveaway is just one way you can optimize your social media marketing strategy to maximize your lead generation and conversion efforts. Using a variety of proven strategies, we’ve helped our clients optimize their social media accounts so they can raise their number of leads, booked appointments, and bottom line. 
Ready to take your business’s social media marketing to the next level? Book your free growth strategy call today!

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