Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas

There are plenty of ways to use social media for your plastic surgery or med spa practice – some of them will produce great results and others won’t. Here are the three most effective ways to get the best results with your social media:


The #1 way to increase social media engagement is by sharing great, valuable content, NOT selling. The key is posting highly engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more, allowing you to build brand loyalty and nurture relationships that develop into profits when they’re ready to buy.

Examples of engaging posts are roll call posts that re-engage your audience; question posts that ask your audience a question; and testimonial posts that share a patient review with your audience.

By focusing on sharing instead of selling, you’ll build more trust with your patients and increase engagement and your number of followers over time. Remember, every post has a purpose – focus on increasing your organic reach over time.


It’s important to plan your social media strategy. Creating an editorial calendar will allow you to plan ahead, develop in advance and schedule your content. An editorial calendar is ESSENTIAL to an effective content strategy.

Start by laying out your posts on a simple calendar and then execute!

Social Media Dos and Don'ts for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas 1


You’ve created engaging content and planned your posts using an editorial calendar. Now be sure to set yourself up for success by scheduling those posts for when the majority of your followers are online.

You can find out when your followers are typically online by using your Facebook Insights, for example, or by noticing which posts got the most engagement. Typically, weekdays during off work hours like during lunchtime or in the evenings are the best times to post.

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