New PGC Executive Coaching App to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Meet the latest tool to take your business to the next level: the PGC Executive Coaching App! Inside the PGC app, you’ll gain access to several key resources to track, plan, and organize valuable metrics for your practice– all in one place. From the revenue tracker to our front desk tracker, annual marketing plan, and more, the PGC app includes a comprehensive range of features to successfully grow your business.

What’s Inside the PGC App

Our brand-new PGC app allows you to conveniently track and organize key metrics like your revenue, expenses, and goals. The app also helps you plan important marketing events from on-site events to blogs, promotions, and more, so you can feel more organized and prepared to meet your business goals. 

Below are several features available on the PGC app:

  • Goal Tracker: Track your weekly, monthly, and annual goals all in one place to ensure you stay on track.
  • Customer Tracker: Keep track of your customers’ names and contact information to stay organized. 
  • Front Desk Tracker: Track key front desk metrics like total phone calls & online inquiries and consults & services booked to maximize your conversions. 
  • Annual Marketing Plan: Plan out key on-site events, promotions, blog posts, and more to stay organized and prepared month by month.
  • Revenue Tracker: Track your weekly, monthly, and annual revenue to ensure you are on the right path to achieving your revenue goals.
  • Expense Benchmarketing: Track your expenses itemized by service to know exactly where your money is going to ensure you’re on track to profit. 
  • And So Much More!

Why Tracking Your Business’s Metrics Is Important

Numbers don’t lie. If you aren’t tracking key metrics like monthly revenue, expenses, or even your conversion rates from prospects who call your front desk, how will you know what to improve upon? Or, whether your business is on track to meet your practice’s goals.

Tracking your business’s goals and key metrics gives you a clear indication of what you are doing well, and what you may need to improve. For example, do you have a high number of potential prospects that call your practice each month, but you don’t seem to convert that many phone inquiries into leads? This may point to a front desk issue that may need to be improved. 

Or, is your revenue high each month, but your profits seem slim to none? You may need to be more aware of your expenses and where your money is coming in and going out to ensure your business profits each month. 

How the PGC App Can Help Your Business

The PGC app is a convenient system to track, plan, and organize all the key metrics you need to be aware of to reach your business goals. Your business’s metrics take the guesswork out of how to improve your practice’s performance. If you aren’t tracking your expenses, conversions, revenue, and more, you are missing out on clear, proven data to help improve your business. 

The PGC app offers your practice several invaluable tools to expand your business, including:

  • A convenient app to store your practice’s key metrics, all in one place
  • Detailed trackers to help assess and improve various aspects of your business
  • Track key business metrics to help you make more well-informed decisions
  • Plan out key events and promotions so you’re prepared month to month
  • Store your business goals to stay on track and keep you accountable

Gain Access to the PGC App Today

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Gain access to the PGC Executive Coaching App so you can stay on track to achieve your business goals. 
Looking for more ways to improve your business? Book a free strategy call today with one of our team members to start growing and scaling your business.

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