Top Reasons Why Practices Fail to Thrive

We hear it time and time again: Doctors want to add a profit center to their practice, but just can’t get to the place where they can justify it. It feels like a lose-lose situation and this is frustrating. This is where we come in! We have so many methods to grow your aesthetic business, but these are the starting points that absolutely render results right out of the gate.

Create monthly goals and break them down to weekly goals.  It is most helpful to look at how many and which services could help you reach that goal.  The exercise to make the goals and then actually measure the performance will and does increase performance.  This is so basic, but critical.  Those practices that are growing do set goals and measure performance.  There are some very easy and quick ways to put this into practice without taking up much administrative time.
These are your tips for this Monday’s Money Makers – take it to the bank!


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