Profit Killer #3 – A Low Conversion Website 2

Profit Killer #3 – A Low Conversion Website

Create a website that sells: Worry less about looks and more about converting visits on your site into patient leads. 

Don’t get me wrong: A website does need to look good. But it has to be efficient as well. As an owner of a website you have a digital salesperson working for you 24 hours a day. Your website has a job to attract clients, inform current patients about existing promotions, and create incoming new patient leads, which ultimately leads to sales and profit. 

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy, and it often creates a first impression of your business. You must strive to create clear calls to action, simple navigation, and a professional look that’s visible across devices. 

Complete our Website Diagnostic Form now to see where you need to improve, or follow these simple steps to start moving towards a high conversion website:   

Keep It Simple 

Studies continue to report that large percentages of online visitors do not scroll down to the lower sections of the pages. This means the valuable real estate ‘above the scroll’ should have a click-to-call enabled phone number, contact us, click for questions, e-mail us, or chat option. You need to be easy to reach. 

Keep It Social 

Social Media presence is (or should be) a crucial element to the Annual Marketing Plan of any aesthetics practice, and your social media links should appear on the upper border of your website if possible. 

Keep It Current 

When potential clients visit an outdated website, they associate that with the quality of the practice and care. Ensure that your site accurately represents your business. Determine what makes you unique and/or your target client type, and construct your website to portray that image. 

Keep It Optimal 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization determines where your business listing appears in an online search engine. The majority of consumers do not scroll past page one of their search results, so your practice needs to show up on the first page. A simple trick to get started is to make sure your URL is based upon popularly searched keywords relating to your services rather than, say, your last name. 

Keep it Mobile 

People conduct the majority of searches on mobile devices, so a mobile-enabled website helps people access your website and information. Check your website on a phone monthly to make sure your mobile sites function properly. 

Keep It Moving 

Video content is considered the most critical SEO and marketing strategy to adopt, because the majority of online searches are for video content. The most popular uses for video are treatment demonstrations, answers to the most commonly asked questions during consultations, patient testimonials, and social media videos that are under one minute. 

Keep Exploring 

To explore this topic in depth, get access to more planning charts, and to become your own AMP expert, check out my newest book, Top 10 Profit Killers for Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas.

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