Profit Killer #2 – Lack Of Written Annual Marketing Plan (AMP) 2

Profit Killer #2 – Lack Of Written Annual Marketing Plan (AMP)

Create Your Annual Marketing Plan in One Hour to Increase Your Profit and Revenue 

The most impactful strategy to market and grow your practice and take your profit to the next level is to create and implement an Annual Marketing Plan. A solid AMP helps you increase revenue, decrease impulsive marketing spending, direct patients into new services, maintain your bottom line, smooth out cash flow, and create high surges of revenue through quarterly sales events. 

Building Your AMP 

Use our 1 Hour Marketing Plan to create an entire year’s marketing plan in just – you guessed it – one hour. The goal is to attract new clients and sell deeper to your existing client base. 

Start by examining your current marketing efforts using the Marketing Self Diagnostic Assessment. This will allow you to identify the areas in which you wish to improve performance. 

Next, we suggest using a Gantt Chart to create an overview divided into monthly segments. The main key to determining the content of your chart and AMP in general is cross-promotions. The two services you focus on in your cross-promotion should drive the whole marketing plan for that month.  

In choosing which services to promote you should consider seasonality, potential cost and profit, which new treatments or services you would like to introduce or promote, your current clientele’s favorite treatments or services, and any vendor assistance with free products or treatments you might be able to get. 

AMP Key Essentials 

  1. Monthly cross-promotions 
  1. Social media planning 
  1. E-mail marketing 
  1. Quarterly sales events.  

Cross-promotions give clients what they want for free as a reward for trying something new. This method works exceptionally well in the aesthetics industry in terms of creating exposure for a new product, or a product or service that might be difficult to sell on its own. 

Facebook/Instagram monthly giveaway contests yield the best social media marketing results for our clients. A contest provides the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) that engages followers, so they will comment, like and share your offers. 

E-mail marketing is a fantastic means of communicating with an audience who has signed up to receive information from your practice. When a client gives you their personal e-mail, it is a token of trust. That is why it is imperative that every e-mail you send offers value for them. 

Quarterly sales events have proven extremely effective for conversion. Keep a narrow focus for each event: body, breasts, face, feminine health, body contouring or injectables. Pre-qualifying attendees is the best way to ensure high conversion at events. 

Using Your AMP 

Break your marketing plan down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks that you can schedule in your calendar. Make sure both you and your staff know who is responsible for doing what and when. This is crucial for a consistent and successful execution of the plan. 

  • Quarterly tasks: Update website, promote events  
  • Monthly tasks: Cross-promotion, Facebook giveaway contest, update social media cover art 
  • Weekly tasks: Posting on social media four to seven times, posting blog, posting vlog, e-mail client list 
  • Daily tasks: Respond to comments on social media 

To explore this topic in depth, get access to more planning charts, and to become your own AMP expert, check out my newest book, Top 10 Profit Killers for Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas.

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