The Top 3 Sales Event Profit-Killers

What’s the point of having a Sales Event? Answer: It’s to create and control cashflow for your Aesthetic, Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery practice in a single evening.

We do these med spa and plastic surgeon events all across the United States and see amazing boosts in revenue for Doctors who are launching a new technology or who need to boost their sales in a particular area. But we see several pitfalls that regardless of how we counsel and train a Doctor and their staff that sometimes they can’t help but to insist they want to fall into.

Sales Event Profit-Killer #3: Underestimation of Space

We have been in a 10×10 waiting room, and with renting those nice wooden, white folding chairs they have at weddings, you can easily (albeit cozily!) fit 15 people in a waiting room. Yes, you have to move out existing furniture and perhaps rent a flat screen television and put it up on the front desk, but it can be done, and people don’t mind.

Nothing is more dismaying than having a doctor and the staff insist that they don’t have the room or that they have an ‘odd shaped waiting room’ (we hear this about 1 in every 3 doctors we work with) and then walking in and seeing that we could have fit 50 people in the room if they would have followed our recommendations.

Remember, we’ve been doing Event and Sales Management for Doctors and have tailored our programs to decrease your risk! In the case of one doctor who hosted a Med Spa Event, they insisted on having tall cocktail tables only and no chairs and people left without a consult because they were tired of standing, even after our recommendation for seating in our thorough Event Sales Trainings. And if you have a challenge, let us know! We have more event planning ideas to overcome any obstacles than you could imagine. Over 15 years, we’ve seen it all.

Sales Event Profit-Killer #2: Not Having the Right People for the Job

Not having the right person on the phones to field inquiries about the sales event. When those calls come in (for an event or otherwise) you want to have the right person to qualify the right attendees for the event. Quality over quantity!

Sales Event Profit-Killer #1: Lacking Adequate Event Marketing

Not having the graphic campaign front and center on your website and not marketing it for the set amount of time via email and social media. There is a ‘sweet spot’ of time where too many weeks is too much and too few weeks is too little. Social Media, if done correctly, boosts RSVP numbers quickly. Event Marketing for Plastic Surgeons can be tough, but we have a lot of tips and tricks to help any Plastic Surgeon Events, Cosmetic Surgeon Events or Med Spa Events get the right social media marketing they need for the LEAST amount of cost to the practice! Many practices see this as a necessary evil, but it’s also the golden goose and you don’t want to miss out on all those golden eggs!

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