6 Tips to Beat Average Social Media Growth for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas

Want to grow your social media following for your plastic surgery practice or med spa faster? Want to increase your revenue and client base while you’re at it? Follow these six tips and you’ll be on your way!


Be sure to provide valuable content to your followers. Remember, every post has a purpose. Your content should develop connections, provide value, and educate your followers about the aesthetic industry and your services, treatments, procedures, and products.

Focus on educating and informing your followers and engaging them with questions and giveaways in your posts. If you provide value, you’re likely to grow your social media following and eventually, your client base.


Be sure to plan your posts. There needs to be a strategy around your social media content and posting times. Throwing out content and seeing what sticks isn’t likely to be a results-driven strategy.

In order to facilitate your plan, we recommend planning your social media posts on a monthly basis. The easiest way to do this is to schedule your posts on a calendar – either on a digital or paper calendar. This way you can ensure you’re providing thoughtful and varied content throughout the month.


Be sure to measure your results to improve your strategy over time. Using tools available for your social media platforms such as Facebook Insights is a helpful way to do this. Facebook Insights will track your followers’ interaction with you. It can be used by all of your Facebook admins and help you track the number of active users and better understand how to improve your post performance.


With any social media strategy, it’s important to be consistent! We recommend posting 3-5 times per week in order to build and maintain your followers’ trust and increase engagement over time. If you post too little, your audience will forget about you, but if you’re posting too often, your posts will become too noisy and they’ll unfollow you.


Utilize Facebook Ads to drive prospective patients to your page and promote your events. You’ll want to choose the type of ad that best suits your needs. We recommend starting with a brand awareness ad to drive people to your Facebook Page or an Engagement Ad if you have an upcoming event.


In order to increase your reach and engagement on specific posts, consider boosting your posts. With a boost, you are simply putting advertising dollars behind a regular Facebook post in order for that post to reach more people.

For instance, if a standard image post would normally net you 1 percent organic reach of your fan base; a boost would allow that post to reach more people depending on how much money you chose to spend.

When boosting, take the extra step to narrow your target audience to a geographic radius around your practice. This will ensure that your advertising dollars are only spent on people in your area who are more likely to travel to your practice.

Finally, one of our favorite tips is to let your post run organically for a few hours before boosting. This way you are getting the most out of your organic reach before you pay to reach more people, rather than paying for reach right from the beginning.

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