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The Power Of An Annual Marketing Plan

In the past decade we’ve worked with thousands of clients in the Aesthetic Industry and it has become very clear that there are three key indicators required for growth and profit; Finance, Operations, and Marketing. From our experience, we’ve discovered that there are specific systems and processes that practices can implement in order to take revenue and profit to the next level.

Today, we are focusing on what we believe is the most critical system to your growth as a practice; an Annual Marketing Plan. Why is an annual marketing plan so important? A solid Annual Marketing Plan will increase revenue, decrease excessive marketing spend, cross clients into new services, maintain your bottom line, even out cash flow and create high surges in revenue with quarterly sales events.

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3 Key Essentials

If you are still asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” We encourage you to consider the true cost of NOT creating an annual marketing plan; stagnation. Whereas an effective marketing plan has many hidden benefits such as providing clarity for your staff, vendors and advertising partners so that they can assist in achieving your goals. Your plan will help you minimize costs by strategically partnering with vendors for free product and other financial benefits. The marketing plan provides a framework for your management team to handle weekly and monthly marketing tasks while also providing the ability to measure return on investment (ROI).

Developing an effective AMP does take planning, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. We believe that within 3 strategy sessions you too can complete a plan for success.

Throughout this workbook we will guide you through our 3 Key Essentials of an annual marketing plan. Our goal will be to strategically narrow your marketing focus, improve consistency and layering of your overall message, and teach you how to build powerful promotions in order to reach new clients and increase conversion and closing ratios.

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Kelly Smith
Founder & CEO of Projected Growth Consulting


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About Kelly Smith

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Founder & CEO of Projected Growth Consulting, Kelly is a University of Washington alumni and has over 20 years experience as Entrepreneur, Day Spa Owner, Medical Spa CFO, and Business Consultant.

Awarded VIP in Worldwide who’s Who Entrepreneurs 2014, Kelly continues to mentor to grow and Elective Medical Practices throughout the U.S. with her semi-virtual team over 10 women!

Kelly currently speaks at Industry Trade Shows as Faculty and several large laser manufacturers in the Elective Medical Industry. She is committed to continuing personal growth and has worked personally with Michael Neil and Darren Hardy.


Project Growth Consulting Specializes in Financial Analysis, Strategic Marketing Analysis Program, Business Development, Virtual Training for Social Media and Aesthetics Technology, as well as OnSite Events for Physicians Nationwide.

PGC hosts over 350 Events per year for their clients and sold over $15M in 2017.

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STUDY #1: Family Practice in Louisiana with MedSpa


Create growth without spending all the profits on lead generation and marketing. Practice had exhausted their profit center marketing the MedSpa portion of their business for 7 years.


Refocus marketing efforts on Cross Promotions vs Discounting while implementing monthly contests for the existing client base. Focusing on consistency and layering of message throughout email, social media, in-office display, print and radio campaigns.


Improved consistency & frequency of message throughout all marketing efforts combined with a strategic AMP helped client gain traction on the sales of their most profitable service, a minimally invasive procedure. They doubled their net profit in 13 months while decreasing their marketing spending by 15%. They continue to experience patient loyalty and referrals.

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STUDY #2: Established Dermatologist in California


The thriving dermatology practice was published and well respected in the industry however, the challenge of incorporating elective aesthetics had proven to be a formidable opponent for many years.


Implementation of an Annual Marketing Plan to create monthly cross promotions focused on new elective aesthetics. Introduced weekly e-blast and social media campaign for increased awareness of new injectable and laser services to existing client base.


Increased elective profits by 30% in only 6 months. Client experienced so much growth that they were able to hire an additional PA to solely focus on elective profit center!

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September 20, 2023 Our team at Projected Growth Consulting eagerly anticipated connecting with our beloved community at Aesthetic Management Partners 2023 Owner Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, this year. Unfortunately, we regret to inform our community that we have had to make the difficult decision to withdraw our participation from this event.

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