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  • Uplevel at your own pace!
  • Learn straightforward skills in your industry!
  • Save decades and dollars of trial and error!

I’m ready for the next level!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn?

Like if you spent all your time keeping up with the latest program, algorithm, and technology, you’d have no time to do what you do best – treat patients!

Even worse, medical spa owners spend time, money, and energy on courses that are just too general for their niche market. First comes the time and money, then comes the task of translating what you’ve learned into your specific business. It’s exhausting!

You want courses that apply to the business you’re actually in!

We’ve learned that many med spa owners spend years trying to figure out what our team now considers to be shorthand. PGC supports 250 practices per year and helped our clients sell $15M+ in 2017 – so we know how to get results. After years of hearing your frustrations about general classes and hypothetical processes, we’ve rallied together to create online courses just for you!

With PGC’s Online Courses, we get straight to the good stuff.

From marketing to financial benchmarking, we cover clear-cut techniques and systems for your business and eliminate the fluff. No more skipping past modules that don’t apply to you. These were MADE for you!

Written by former med spa owners, employees, and clients – we have a 360-degree view of this industry, making us your perfect knowledge cocktail!

And there’s no expiration date. They’re yours for a lifetime!

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

Creating Your Annual Marketing Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice to create your entire marketing plan for one year in one hour?

In our Annual Marketing Plan Course, you’ll do just that and jumpstart your business growth with our easy-to-follow process. You’ll plan:

  • Monthly Cross-Promotions
  • Facebook Contests of the Month
  • Quarterly Events
  • Written and Video Blog Topics

PLUS One Month FREE of our Standard Graphic Subscription Bundle. A $550 Value!

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Social Media for the Elective Medical Industry

What if social media wasn’t such a mystery?

Whether you’re a social media newbie or you have a degree in clicks and likes, this 12-week course will give you everything you need to be successful.

The 90-Day Comprehensive Social Media Training Program Includes:

  • 12 Training Modules
  • Graphic Design Training for Developing Your Own Content
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Contests, Events, & E-Blasting Recommendations
  • Blogging and Vlogging for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PLUS one month FREE of our Standard Graphic Subscription Bundle. A $550 Value!

    Get the ball rolling here!

Conversion, Consultation, and Closing Skills

What if you could improve your conversion rate overnight?

Learn to make every conversation count with an easy-to-follow training for you and your staff. While we walk you through staff/patient interactions with easy-to-follow scripts and examples, the name of the game is to feel natural and confident. No one likes to feel sold at!

By having a clear plan of action, nerves are eliminated so your staff can confidently guide the consultation from the opening consultation to a closing sale.


  • Sales Scripts
  • Video Training
  • PDF Guides
  • Real-World Examples
  • How to Naturally Sell!

Teach me to close!


Financial Analysis and Benchmarking Course

Are you ready to reach new financial heights with systems and processes that WON’T make your head hurt?

By knowing your numbers, investments, bottom line, and the financial benchmarks of the competition, you become empowered.

This in-depth, nitty-gritty, training course is packed with 8 powerhouse modules. It’s stocked with PDF downloads, guides, booklets, and samples so you know exactly how to implement what you’ve learned.

We’ll tackle:

  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Excel-based Analysis Tools
  • Revenue Weekly Calendar Tool
  • Analyze Current Marketing ROI
  • Project Monthly Sales Goals
  • Marketing Assessment and Strategy Tool
  • Industry Expense Percentages

BONUS: We’re also including 2 FREE Strategy Sessions with one of our expert advisors, a $500 value!

Let the training begin! – COMING SOON!

High-Performance Staff Management

How would you like to better manage and motivate your team with LESS time and energy?

Our High-Performance Staff Management training teaches systems that:

  • Create clarity around staff positions
  • Compensation Plans
  • Position Description Templates
  • Bonus Structures
  • Brings synergy and morale in the workplace
  • Sets exciting revenue goals for your practice
  • Empowers your staff to perform at a higher level

All with less management time.

Count me in! – COMING SOON!


Technical Consultative Sales Training

Sales training for your staff about new products and services can completely transform your financial growth.

By empowering your team with the knowledge and tools to succeed, they’ll have confidence and excitement around the benefits of your products – educating your patients along the way!

Each sales training comes with:

  • Product Graphics Bundle
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Downloads
  • Phone Skills and Scripts
  • Pricing
  • Client forms (intake survey, interest survey, release forms)
  • Best practices
  • Website diagnostic
  • And more!

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