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Kelly Smith
Founder & CFO, Projected Growth Consulting

What is Projected Growth Consulting?

Projected Growth Consulting helps Med Spa owners and Plastic Surgeons grow their profits by reaching and converting more clients through on-site events, social media marketing, sales and profit planning, and online training courses. With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, day spa owner, Medical Spa CFO, and business consultant, I am now the Owner & CFO of Projected Growth Consulting – my second 7 figure company!

My team and I are industry professionals who understand every challenge facing Med Spa’s and Plastic Surgeon practices. Primarily, because we have been where you are now! We have been the owner, the manager, the medical assistant, the consultant and the patient! After helping thousands of practices, I am sharing what really works. We create increased profitability and success for you and your practice.

A typical new account experiences 15-50% growth in revenue within their first quarter of collaboration with us. Our average on site event sell $62,000 with a 76% closing ratio. This proven event program has sold over $18M on behalf of our client so far in 2018. Working nationwide host and facilitate between 30 to 50 onsite sales events a month. This proven revenue model is highly coveted and is a closing weapon for many laser companies. Our ability to teach lead conversion, sales consultation and conduct successful events is unapparelled. We recently had our biggest event ever selling $216,000 in Arkansas for a plastic surgeon launch energy-based lipolysis.

We teach and provide tools of implementation and accountability systems so that your practice can maintain this increased performance on your own. After completing the Projected Growth Consulting Program, many happy clients are doing exactly that.

Behind the scenes

In addition to my roles as the owner & CFO of PGC, I am on Faculty of the Aesthetics Show, The Aesthetics Academy, Aesthetics Everything, and a national speaker for multiple laser companies, business groups, and of course, PGC. I was proud to be awarded VIP Award 2014 for Worldwide Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs, continue to be part of High Performance Forum Alumni with Darren Hardy, an Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and culture creator with a degree in sociology.

Specialty Programs for Med Spa owners and Plastic Surgeons

• Onsite Sales Events
• Social Media Outsource Management
• On-Line Learning PGC Academy various courses
• Social Media and Graphics Subscription Programs
• Conversion, Consultation & Closing Courses for All Elective Medical Services
• Benchmarking, Financial Analysis and Turn-Around Program


In less than 4-minutes, this assessment will reveal your business’s true potential for success. It will benchmark your practice’s finances, operations/procedures, and marketing. If you’re searching for ways to grow your practice, take this free quiz.

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