PGC Programs

Whether your practice is a medical spa, plastic surgery, or dermatology practice, we can help you identify the best ways to maximize revenue and facilitate growth.

Sales Events

  • Replicable program for quarterly on site events
  • Sales Training, Event Coordination
  • Leadership with closing skill training
  • Promotional Campaign

Sales & Marketing

  • Customizable to  practice’s needs
  • Increase net profits, closing & conversion ratios
  • Marketing & financial plan for entire year
  • Sales training, goal setting & measurement tools

Business Development

  • Customized to your business
  • Financial benchmarking & goal setting
  • Annual marketing plan
  • Compensation modeling & position descriptions

Now Offering Virtual Learning Courses!

Social Media Course

Step-by-Step Process

We customize Sales & Marketing packages that will transform your Practice into a highly successful growth-oriented organization.

1. Learn

We’ll meet with your ownership and practice managers to identify the best opportunities to maximize your revenue.

2. Plan

We’ll develop an Annual Marketing Plan that will give clarity and focus to the entire organization. Everyone will be on the
same page.

3. Events

We’ll create a launch package for your new on-site events and technology that will attract new patients to your practice.

4. Develop

We’ll implement 4 training modules that will transform your service organization into a successful growth organization.

5. Online

We’ll take your new products and service to the net with Social Media, Blogs and Search Engine Optimization to supercharge lead generation.

6. Refine

We use concrete data from call tracking, sales and customer reviews to make strategic decisions to push results forward.


In less than 4-minutes, this assessment will reveal your business’s true potential for success. It will benchmark your practice’s finances, operations/procedures, and marketing. If you’re searching for ways to grow your practice, take this free quiz.

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