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A Complete Social Media Holiday Calendar (and posts)!
Some types of posts get high levels of positive engagement and interaction on social media. Simply put, if a Facebook Fan or Instagram Follower is willing to Comment, Share, or Repost your post, they’re willing to shout to the world that this post means something to them. Think of it like a fishing net, and each time we cast that net further we’re able to pull in more fish. When our Followers love our content and they’re willing to engage, they’ve just helped us cast that net even further. If you’ve heard the phrase ‘this speaks to me’ or perhaps Dr. Phil saying ‘find their currency’ then you already know what the goal is. You have to find what moves your collective audience and motivates them to engage positively with you, thereby increasing your organic reach.

FAQ: Should all my posts be about our procedures, treatments, and products? Answer: NO!
If we’re constantly asking for the sell (buy this product, buy this treatment, buy this procedure) our audience will tune out. Your page or your profile is your opportunity to personalize your practice to your audience. Display this personality through varied and highly engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more, allowing you to build brand loyalty and nurture relationships that develop into profits when they’re ready to buy.

Your Post Playbook
Now we know that posts need to be highly engaging and varied. How do we construct these type of posts? Let’s break it down by the purpose of the post, because every post has a purpose.


Question Posts
Many of us have deep down opinions about really superficial things and we’re willing to share our thoughts, especially when the timing is perfect. Our best example is one of our most popular posts ever—pumpkin pie vs apple pie. You can imagine in the month of November when we’re all busy searching Pinterest for Thanksgiving recipes and table décor, this pie question hits a real hot-button with the audience. For December, try real tree vs fake tree. In February, ask tulips vs roses. For Easter, it might be jelly beans vs chocolate. Put an aesthetic twist on it: if you could only lipo one area of your body, which part is it? These types of questions are just begging for an answer, and the answer becomes a comment and our reach and engagement begin to rise.


Holiday and Seasonal Posts
Take advantage of holidays and the seasons, because they provide a lot of creative material to work with for constructing timely and ‘in the moment’ posts. Ask about favorite Christmas songs and cookies, or the spooky movie you watch annually for Halloween. Your fans think about Christmas in winter, and when January rolls around they’re thinking about spring vacation. Talk about beach bodies, or popsicle flavors, or the fact that no one shaves their legs during the cold months.


Giveaway Posts
Running a giveaway contest on Facebook is an excellent strategy to increase fan reach and engagement on your page. You can incorporate a monthly giveaway to anchor your fans and their loyalty to your page—it basically keeps them coming back for more. Clearly the goal is to win, right? From the Facebook fan’s perspective, the answer is yes. From our perspective, the answer is no. OUR goal is to increase the visibility of our post and spread awareness of our practice and what we offer. We want to maximize the sets of eyes that see our post, while also maximizing the number of comments and shares that our post generates.


Quote Posts
As we discussed earlier, each page has a collective personality and as you start to experiment with different types of post content, you’ll see what your audience tends to react to. Some pages love a solid quote. Sharing quotes can make people feel empowered and motivated. Quotes can be inspirational, humorous, motivational, or a genuine deep-thought. By asking a question in these quote examples below, we’ve converted these posts to potentially highly engaging posts.


Funny Posts
Laughter is the universal language, and can truly be the best medicine. If your page can make someone laugh and brighten their day, they’ll be back for more. We’ve all seen those ‘funnies’ that go viral with multiple shares. Jump on the fun-bus and see how your audience reacts to humorous posts. Depending on how light-hearted your audience is, you can even try to push the envelope here a bit. You can even create your own memes, or record funny Boomerangs with your co-workers. Again, here’s your chance to personalize your page.

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